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Welcome to EDTP 620:  Reading and Writing in the Content Area/Adolescent Literature.


This wiki will support the course exploration of adolescent literacy in the content area classroom.  Documents are posted for activities (as well as a syllabus).  Student reflective blogs are linked here as well as some of our related links.  Literature circle/content area/book trailer groups are encouraged to post their own pages, work etc.



MATERIALS/LINKS FOR 7/3 are at this link -  Technology Tools (for Writing).


The reading that I meant to share on 6/19 - daniels_steinecke.pdf


Instructions for Monday's reading and a related task are here - assignment.doc


Thanks for letting us take a few minutes of your time today, guys.

Here's the web site link: http://bookspace3.googlepages.com/

Hope everyone has a wonderful summer!

-Alison, Beth, & Lauren



Class Blogs Readings Group Pages and Student Exemplars External Links






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