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Class Blogs

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(Post your name here along with your blog URL.)

Note: Your blog URL typically should be your UofL username followed by .blogspot.com - i.e., sbkajd01.blogspot.com)


Student Blog Address (URL)
 Laura Freire


Paul Rector www.ptrector.blogspot.com
Robin Hawkins robinsummeredtp620.blogspot.com
John Reker jjreke01.blogspot.com
Arielle Knudsen arknud01.blogspot.com
Justin Matson http://www.jlmats01.blogspot.com
Dustin Stewart dwstew04.blogspot.com
Lauren LeBlanc lklebl01.blogspot.com
Beth Fraiz bfraiz.blogspot.com
Michael Turner mfturn2002.blogspot.com/
Brandi Gates begate01.blogspot.com
Chris Webb cawebb.blogspot.com
Maria Maresca


Heather Eaton hreato01.blogspot.com
Leslie Schwartz ldschw01.blogspot.com
Kristin Myers http://kwmyer01.blogspot.com/
Barbara Wimsatt blwims01.blogspot.com

Eva Taishoff

Rachel Davis http://rldavi16.blogspot.com 
 G. Ryan Hornstein http://grhorn01.blogspot.com/
 Stacy Sina http://stacys1.blogspot.com
 Bradi Harbin http://www.blharbin.blogspot.com/
 Alison Furlong


 Diane Thomas http://dethom08.blogspot.com/
 Shannon Shaver  http://sshaver1.blogspot.com
 Joe Franzen  http://jwfran05edtp620.blogspot.com/


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